By Airtime Card

Purchase an airtime card at participating Kroger stores. Scratch off to reveal the PIN number, then redeem it by phone or use the entry form below.

If you are an ALL-IN plan customer, adding airtime here will automatically renew your plan instead of adding to your balance. To add to your balance instead, please log in here.

By Web

Please login in the upper right corner to add airtime with a credit card to your iwireless phone. Once logged in, please click the View Account button and then click on the add airtime link under your account balance to add airtime. We cannot accept prepaid credit cards that do not have an associated billing address such as government issued prepaid cards and gift cards.

On Your Phone

If you are on the go, you can use the my account link on your i-wireless phone any time of day or night for free;

  • To use the my account link, choose web options and select my account. Once there, you can check your balance, add airtime and more.
  • Dial #BUY (#289) from your i-wireless phone and have an airtime or credit card ready.

On Any Phone

If it’s not convenient to use your i-wireless phone, just dial 1-866-594-3644 on any touch-tone phone. Follow the automated menu system and add the minutes you need.